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  • What is the meaning behind FC Pineapple?
    Our founding members met in 2017 through organized soccer play at CFRS as independent (indy) players. Through our love of the game and sport, we fostered an organic friendship that has become FC Pineapple family & soccer-loving community.
  • Are you on social media or group chats?
    Yes! For up-to-date news & to stay connected, follow us on Instagram @Fire_Club_Pineapple, like us on our Facebook Page at FC Pineapple or join us on WhatsApp. To join our group chat on WhatsApp, please contact
  • What is Fire Club Pineapple?
    FC Pineapple is an official supporter’s group for the Chicago Fire FC MLS team and the exclusive supporters’ group of Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer (CFRS). We are a community of diverse people whose common interests focus on our passion to play and watch soccer.
  • How do I get the Free Pickups at CFRS?
    To receive the free pickups, you will need to have an Open Sports account. That name on the account MUST match the name that you registered your FC Pineapple Membership with. You will be required to pay a yearly $1 fee, but after that, all of the pickups will be $0. We have created a Standard Operating Procedure for you to use when signing up for this benefit.
  • How do I receive my 20% discount off merchandise from the MLS store?
    A QR code will be provided by FC Pineapple.
  • How do I receive my 10% discount at Heineken Pub 97?
    Let your server know you’re a member of FC Pineapple and show them your membership card along with a valid form of ID to receive your discount.
  • Are there membership dues?
    We’re excited to announce that we’re currently offering 2-tiered membership packages exclusive to CFRS & non-CFRS members available for purchase. For more information, please see our pricing.
  • If I registered for a CFRS-membership after all league fees were due paid, am I eligible to receive the 20% discount off my league fees?
    Unfortunately, no; your 20% discount will be applied to the next session per the CFRS league schedule.
  • What are some of the benefits of becoming an FC Pineapple member?
    As an FC Pineapple member, you’ll receive many exclusive perks, including, but not limited to: 1 - 2023 Regular season ticket to a Chicago Fire FC Home Game (some restrictions) 10% off at Heineken Pub 97 20% off food & non-alcoholic beverages at Soldier Field 20% off CFRS league fees (CFRS members only) Complimentary CFRS organized pick-up’s (CFRS members only) Discounted ticket pricing for Chicago Fire FC games Game-day tailgates/watch parties
  • As a CFRS FC Pineapple member, how will my 20% discount be deducted from my league fees?
    Discounts will be applied by CFRS at the time of individual player payment on their Dash website for your upcoming league session. If you don’t see the 20% discount, please contact
  • How do I receive my 20% discount off food & non-alcholic beverages at Soldier Field?
    In order to receive this discount, all tickets must be purchased through FC Pineapple. A QR code will be provided by FC Pineapple for game day.
  • As a CFRS FC Pineapple member, is the 20% off only good for one league session?
    No! the 20% discount is valid for all leagues you register for so long as your CFRS FC Pineapple membership is active at the time league fees are due.
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